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  • I'm a writer, photographer, consultant. Age 51. My father was a reporter and editor. Then he became something other than that. He died February 8, 2010 at 87. He was widowed in 2003. His decline started a little earlier. His sister died of Alzheimer's.

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Thank you for reaching back and sharing this. I wish I was eloquent enough to say more. Right now I'm just in the dark days of dealing with how sick my mom is. Your blog has been a really helpful resource to me. Peace.


Hi again Alan. I'm so glad to see you back at the blogging. I'm sure you required a little respite from thinking all things Alzheimers all the time. But as you can see, there is still much to be done and said in your ongoing battle with the disease, even though your father is now gone. I'm glad I came back to check. Carry on.

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I really like this article, I'll definitely share this. Prevention is very important especially if you don't want to have Alzheimer's.

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