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  • I'm a writer, photographer, consultant. Age 51. My father was a reporter and editor. Then he became something other than that. He died February 8, 2010 at 87. He was widowed in 2003. His decline started a little earlier. His sister died of Alzheimer's.

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Nancy Frank

You were confused? And Dr. H. is considered competent? Can't remember which family member is connected with which patient? Just when you think it can't get any more bizarre, it does.


Oy!!! Sending you good thoughts.

K Lee

I've been avoiding your blog since I read this post a few days ago. Even now I had one eye closed and one partly opened in case you had posted sad news.

I know you want it to happen, and I understand that. I will want it when my mother gets to that point too.

What's odd is that it's supposed to be easier to read about other people's problems. Maybe not so much when the problems are a road map for your own loved one's journey.

I'm thinking of you and your father and I hope you are able to spend as much time as you need while this is happening.
Thank you for sharing so honestly Alan.

Alan G. Ampolsk

K Lee - thanks, but per my latest, we all seem to be still here, at least for the moment. Not sure how quickly things will develop but my guess is, much more slowly than it seemed like they would a week ago.

Nancy - yeah, the healthcare "system" continues to perform up to par. But at least some of the individuals in it are good.

Shu - good thoughts received. On, now, to the next crisis...

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