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  • I'm a writer, photographer, consultant. Age 51. My father was a reporter and editor. Then he became something other than that. He died February 8, 2010 at 87. He was widowed in 2003. His decline started a little earlier. His sister died of Alzheimer's.

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Nancy Frank

Take your dad out for a beer -- why not? My father's ashes spent months in the trunk of my mother's car -- and she had great fun telling people she was taking Lester out for a ride.

My family is replete with "colorful" people like yours. Right now, I don't know what shade I am.

I wish you all the best in this surreal life study.

Al B


This is your last chance to sup or tipple with the old man. Don't miss it.


Didn't the McCourt brothers wind up leaving Angela's ashes in a bar?


What a, literally, moving story woven from memorable events in a way that let me ride along with you both. I was crying over my mother's loss (the long one and the final one) as I "lit" a virtual candle for her on the Alzheimer's Association website. It runs through my mind a lot, the family stories that bear witness to how large in our lives our folks are. Thank you, as always, for sharing so wonderfully.



Alan...I must say that I have missed you on the forum but truly understand why one would not want to come back...I have thought about you often and keep saying I must check his are really quite an inspiration to me as well as a compass that I may follow. I just check in tonite and as always your insights and musings and all that you do help me so much. I pray that you are healing and doing well...and I must thank you for all you do for me.

God Bless and never stop this are helping so many of us...I am still in Stage 6 which is going rapidly with my beloved father and best friend...none of us will ever have the same experience but we all know what this is is a true brotherhood and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me.

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