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  • I'm a writer, photographer, consultant. Age 51. My father was a reporter and editor. Then he became something other than that. He died February 8, 2010 at 87. He was widowed in 2003. His decline started a little earlier. His sister died of Alzheimer's.

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I wondered where you had gone, because I sort of expected an anniversary post, but then I thought "well, there's a lesson in that, too."

But I do want to hear the rest of the story.

Alan G. Ampolsk

Yes, I suppose you could say that the non-anniversary post was a sort of anniversary post. And that my non-replies to many previous comments were a sort of reply. Or maybe they were just a statement of continued exhaustion - I think that captures is better.

At any rate, I'm glad you and others have stuck around. The continuation of the story is actively in the works. Shouldn't be long now...

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